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How to Schedule US Visa Appointment on AIS US Visa Info (GDIT/Yatri): A Step-by-Step Guide

The US Department of State uses multiple websites for US visa appointments. One of them is the AIS website, generally referred to as “AIS US Visa Info”. If you live in Canada, Mexico, South America, some parts of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, you must use the AIS portal to schedule US visa appointment. Follow along this step-by-step guide to schedule the visa appointment for your US visa.

Onward Ticket Review: Fastest Way to Get an Onward Ticket in 2023?

There are many websites out there offering onward ticket services for digital nomads and frequent travelers. One of them is If you are wondering whether to use them or not, then this onward ticket review can help. In this article, I will review I will go over its legitimacy, explore the costs, and weigh the pros and cons of using it for your trips. I will also add my own experience of using them as an onward ticket service.