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How to travel 20+ countries VISA-FREE with US visa

Travel to 20+ countries visa-free with a valid US visa. More and more countries are offering visa exemption to valid US visa holders. This list is only growing. If you do not have it already, it’s time to get your US tourist visa and add 20+ countries to your visa-free list.

14 ways to get a travel itinerary for visa application

Getting a travel itinerary for visa application is the most difficult and confusing parts of the visa process. Consulates insist on providing with confirmed flight and hotel bookings. But they do not recommend purchasing an actual ticket. Here are 14 proven ways to get a travel itinerary for your visa application.

How to plan your Everest Base Camp trek

The Everest Base Camp trek is an adventure of a lifetime. It is not just a trek – it is a journey, it’s a challenge and on top of all it is an achievement. The sense of accomplishment when you arrive at the base camp is incredible. A step by step guide to help you plan and embark on your EBC journey.